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Cast: Sawa Manaka (Nakazawa Masatomo)

You must absolutely obey whatever that man says.

Offers services to their clients via phone calls. Owned by Tsuzuru.

To put it simply: Phone sex
According to Tsuzuru, Club:CUP6 wishes to offer their clients a place and time for them to simply enjoy themselves; a break from their everyday lives or offer comfort to those who wish to forget something even just for a moment.

Owner of Club:CUP6. He is the person on the other end of the line. He talks to you in a professional manner before the actual "service." He then changes his speech to a more casual one once the two of you engage in the service. Nothing is revealed about Tsuzuru. But he is very gentle all through out the CD. He showers you with compliments and talks very sweetly.

The listener is directly addressed by Tsuzuru. He tells and expects you to follow everything that he says. There is no story.
For about an hour, the two of you will be engaged in an intimate time (as lovers) with him giving you orders and in return relating to you his own feelings.

Note: Before we jump into the translation, I would like to mention that Tsuzuru uses keigo at the beginning of the CD. And keigo is not my strongest point. Nonetheless, I tried my best to translate everything and I do hope you'll find this useful.
*Keigo - the most polite form of Nihongo/Japanese. Usually used in business-related or formal conversations.

*phone rings*
With all sincerity, I thank you for your phone call.
This is the owner of Club:CUP6, Tsuzuru speaking.
I am extremely delighted to know that you are interested in our services.
Of course I know that our customers are unable to let their voices out, so please do not think that you are obliged to answer me. Just like how it is impossible for me to ask you to talk about something.
However, there is one thing that I must ask you to comply with upon availing the services offered by Club:CUP6.
Ah... Please do not be alarmed. It is something very simple. Something very easy.
But it is of an extreme importance when you are engaged in my service.
If it will not be fulfilled, I will end up being nothing but a foolish pierrot.
In other words, if you cannot keep this promise my services will be meaningless.
I will only ask for one thing. You must absolutely obey whatever I say.
If by any chance you find this impossible, kindly hang up the phone.

I humbly apologize for the short time, but I am giving you three seconds to make up your mind.

I hope that this meeting may become an unforgettable encounter unlike anything else for you.

Once again, I sincerely thank you for availing of my service.

The name of the club, Club:CUP6 derived its name from the actual Six of Cups tarot card.
The meaning of this card is... pleasure. And then... joy/gratification.
I hope to provide my client... the best pleasure and abundant feeling of satisfaction.

And now, I will end my explanation of our club with that. Before we begin, there are two things I would like to ask you in order to guarantee an effective and successful service.

I deeply apologize for the lengthy explanation.
Please forgive me for I will try to make it quick.

The first one. From beginning to the end, please do note that the service will take some time. Please set aside about an hour for the service.

The second one. I recommend you to start the service in a quiet place and during the time you are about to take a rest.

And that's all for the explanation and favors I would like to ask for.

I am deeply grateful from the bottom of my heart for your precious time.

Well then, I would like you to allow me to begin the service but before that, please remember the promise we made right when we started. You must absolutely obey whatever I say. Somehow, I wish you would not forget...

(Service) 04:47
Alright... I'm sorry but I'm gonna stop using keigo from here onward. It will only make the both of us nervous.
You are Club:CUP6's first ever client. You will surely be someone I will never forget.
From here, I will be taking a few of your precious minutes.
If there are people around you, please go somewhere you can be alone.
However, if you prefer having someone around and that makes you turned on--- that's a different story.
Turn the lights off and hop in your bed. (he used "naka" which means inside so he probably meant under the blankets)
Haha, you don't have to rush... I'll wait.

This service is the most effective during nights when you find it hard to sleep, you feel irritated because of stress, when you're lonely, and when you're feeling worked up (haughty/turned on.)
You will understand why after you get through this service.
Nah.. You're a smart person, so I bet you already have an idea.
Are you in your bed now? Lie down comfortably and relax.
Inside your quiet room, you won't be able to hear any sounds or noises.
It's our time alone.
I don't want you to worry about what's gonna start...
I won't do anything to harm you or ask you something that will offend you.

Close your eyes.
Concentrate on my voice.
If you listen to me with your eyes closed, don't you feel as if I really am beside you?
Even if that's not the case, I'm sure it gives off an illusion/feeling that I'm close enough to touch you.

Even if I'm on the other side of the line talking to you, and unable to hear your voice... I feel as if you're very close to me.
Close enough for me to kiss you on the ear...
The kind of face you make, the kind of voice you let out, and the type of body you have... I'm imagining all of them.
While sensing every presence over the telephone, I will now begin my service.

You can keep your eyes closed...
Gently put both of your hands over your breasts...
And while imagining that those are my hands, softly touch your breasts as if you're about to wrap them in your palms.
*giggles* And with this, have you already figured out what's about to start?


I'm gonna do about 4-5 minutes of this track each day. LOL Jk. I'll work on it as much as I can next time.
This post will be locked once we reach the "good" (dangerous) part. 8D


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